Graduated from “Iparchos” technological school in 1969 and created a car factory that spe­cialized in manufacturing refrigeration booths for trucks. Moreover I export to countries in Europe.

The intense interest for the object and the increased needs of the market for development and specialization led in 1992 to the first manufactures of hearses. Our very first hearses where designed with sheet metal/plate armour which has continued to be to this day in great demand in Greece. However this material presented a lot of problems in a few areas: Big weight of manufacture Cracks and rust in all the joints. Already in abroad had begun the manu­facture of rezin-polyester hearses. Thus the study of new manufactures and the follow-up of special seminars and reports in abroad as well as the exchange of opinions with experts (chemists and mechanical engineers) led to the manufacture of hearse with polyester-rezin and to the creation of SpecialCars KOLIVAS in 2000. The advantages of this manufacture are:

  •   The car is lighter, thus more stable in driving and with smaller consumption of fuels
  • No cracks in the colour-gel coat
  • The delivery time is shorter, due to the existance of the mould.

Moreover ‘SpecialCars KOLIVAS’ provides:

  • Hydraulic drawer with hydraulic assistance and electronic control Panes that do not dazzle
  • Special ventilation for the interior of the cabin
  • Safety for the driver in case of accident
  • All spare parts are available at the factory with their code

The objective of “SpecialCars KOLIVAS” is always covering of big percentage of Greek mar­ket and export, combined with the direct service.