Optimus Facelift

E-Class W212 Facelift is not just a matter of good taste, but mostly tamed one new interpretation emphasizes the dynamic and powerful looks of the car. The new design feature of Mercedes-Benz’s newest, freshest and puts strong tones through elegant detailed solutions.The company SPECIAL CARS KOLIVA (S.C.K.) respecting the style and nature of the car presents the customized model called OPTIMUS Facelift. The model is available in the Greek and European markets.The model OPTIMUS Facelift is customized both mechanically and electrically making the chassis lighter, of better quality and very competent in its class.
The model is available in 3 versions: Sport, Classic & Elegant
Specifically in OPTIMUS Facelift ​​the following customizations are made:
  • Extension of the chassis based on specifications
  • Rise rear suspension by of five cm
  • Antimagnetic inoxes
  • A ventilation system for the cabinet
  • Forgchieri Security type glass, with E3 approval

  • Remotely-controlled Electro hydraulic drawer
  • EUDS (Emergency Unlock Door System)
  • Cold-led lighting for the interior

  • Upholstery certified with ISO 9000:1
  • Outer glass frame made by chromed brass