Jaguar S Type

The Jaguar s-type is the pre-eminent classic choice in transport vehicles. Following the requirements of many of our customers, the company SK designed and implemented a more economical solution in the field of hearse construction, but it has nothing to envy the glamor and performance on the road from more expensive models. The equipment includes all the systems that exist in the other models of the company.
Specifically ​​the following customizations are made:
  • Extension of the chassis based on specifications
  • Rise rear suspension by of five cm
  • Antimagnetic inoxes
  • A ventilation system for the cabinet
  • Forgchieri Security type glass, with E3 approval

  • Remotely-controlled Electro hydraulic drawer
  • EUDS (Emergency Unlock Door System)
  • Cold-led lighting for the interior

  • Upholstery certified with ISO 9000:1
  • Outer glass frame made by chromed brass