Velos Advance

The Velos Advance model, based on the E Class W213 Mercedes, was designed and built to cover the most demanding needs on funeral services. The innovative design combined with the improved vacuum infusion technology in the carbon fiber construction integrates the Velos Advance at the top of the special vehicles.
The model is available in one version.
Specifically, the improvements made are as follows:
  • Extension of the chassis based on specifications
  • Rise rear suspension by of five cm
  • Antimagnetic inoxes
  • A ventilation system for the cabinet
  • Forgchieri Security type glass, with E3 approval

  • Electro-hydraulic drawer and remote control door and safety button (standard version)
  • Ability to control system through Android app (extra version)
  • EUDS (Emergency Unlock Door System)
  • Cold-led lighting for the interior

  • Special design made of carbon fiber frame with special paint
  • Decoration of drawer and individual parts by liminate

  • Drawer length: 2.22m
  • Drawer width: 84cm
  • Coffin Holding System
  • The spacious interior supports all types of coffins (American – European)