E200 W211 is the model with the biggest sales of Mercedes-BENZ. Renowned for its looks and performance on the road, it is found in many editions and is the safe choice for any smart client. Special Cars Koliva (S.C.K) presents the CENTAURUS model in three different versions: Sport Classic and Elegance in order to meet the needs of our customers.
Specifically in CENTAURUS ​​the following customizations are made:
  • Extension of the chassis based on specifications
  • Rise rear suspension by of five cm
  • Antimagnetic inoxes
  • A ventilation system for the cabinet
  • Forgchieri Security type glass, with E3 approval

  • Remotely-controlled Electro hydraulic drawer
  • EUDS (Emergency Unlock Door System)
  • Cold-led lighting for the interior

  • Upholstery certified with ISO 9000:1
  • Outer glass frame made by chromed brass