We would like to inform you that the Special Cars “Koliva” company manufactures hearses using two types of molds: A kevlar one and a carbon fiber (by customer’s requirement) one for the following types of cars: Mercedes-Benz C 180 (three designs available), Jaguar S Type (one design available), Ε-Class Type 211 (three designs available) and Ε-Class Type 212 (three designs available). Thus all the problems experienced by the sheet-like structure were addressed:

  • The car is lighter so driving stability and lower fuel consumption are achieved
  • Blisters and tears on color are avoided since exists and stucco compound is no longer used
  • The delivery time was reduced since the mold is already manufactured.

Moreover Specialcars “Kolivas” provides:

  • Αν hydraulic powered and remotely controlled drawer
  • The windows on the side don’t get blurry and are more secure and E-singed
  • There is a special ventilation for the interior cabin of the dead
  • Better safety for the driver in case of impact
  • Warranty for manufacturing is provided
  • All the parts are available in our factory.
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